Landscape Lighting

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Landscape Lighting

Increase the beauty and curb appeal of your Richmond, VA home or business with landscape lighting. A well-designed landscape lighting system, including tree lights, adds depth and visual interest to your property. Long driveways, walkways, landscaped areas, and patios always look better under the right lighting.

Landscape lighting systems aren’t just great to look at, they also add much needed security to dark areas around your property. Normal lighting only show you what is close to the house or your doors. With the right system in place, you can feel more secure in your home. Installing lights within surrounding trees can offer more illuminated space with fewer fixtures.

Low Voltage LED Lighting

S&J uses what we consider the best landscape lighting products available. Energy conscience? So are we. With the new low-voltage LED bulbs, you can get more light output for only pennies per day.

The new LED bulbs allow us to install more light fixtures with smaller control units.  This saves on labor during the installation as well as your monthly energy bill. LED bulbs also last longer than halogen bulbs, often lasting up to 10 years without losing any of its light output.

Tech savvy? New technology allows you to control your lighting system through an app on your smartphone. You no longer need a service call to program the timer or go outside to reset it after power outages.

Landscape Lighting Options

We offer two systems based on your budget. The first is a durable, solid-brass fixture that offers many years of dependable service. The manufacturer of these fixtures even includes a lifetime guarantee.

The second option is a more economical, epoxy-coated aluminum fixture. Both systems utilize a transformer mounted in a stainless steel cabinet. Both include the same high quality design and installation that all homeowners deserve.

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