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Effective and efficient irrigation begins with a proper lawn sprinkler system design. A well-designed system targets all the right areas of your lawn while conserving water.

Designing an irrigation system starts by determining the right number of and types of sprinkler heads. Too many heads drives up installation costs. Too few and you’re left with uneven and inefficient watering. Some situations call for a rotating head, while others require a fixed-spray head. There’s even drip irrigation for shrub beds.

No matter your needs, our team of experts will work with you to create the best irrigation system design that fits your lawn.

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Once a design has been approved, installation can begin. Sprinkler system installation is best left to a team of professionals. Don’t trust your lawn to anyone else. Even the best products on the market will have problems and require extra repair costs if installed poorly.

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Regular sprinkler system maintenance will help keep your system in top working condition. At a minimum we recommend spring and fall maintenance to keep your system working properly.

Shutting the system down in the fall prior to winter’s freezing temperatures is recommended in the Richmond, VA area. Allowing pipes and heads to freeze shortens their overall lifespan and leads to increased maintenance costs.

Some municipalities require annual testing of the backflow preventer. We not only can perform that test, but we’ll send in these reports to the locality and maintain these records for you.

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Service & Repairs

We service and repair all brands of sprinklers and all company’s installations throughout the Richmond, VA area. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer fast service, quick diagnosis of problems and establishing a repair plan. We even offer discounted service agreements to help our customers keep their costs down.

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